Förderunterricht Englisch

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change of timetable:

Föderunterricht English now on Mondays!
Jessika Bayer
Maximilian Flügel
Denizhan Irs
Stefanie Kästner
Bekir Nart
Ina Wiedemann
Yerheniy Yokhimovich
Emre Bayazid
Kerem Sogukkan
Kira Rob
Talia Savran

recommended for:
Julian Hafidi
Sophia Obermayer
Duong Phan

Vocab – Lernliste Top 3 is ready

Dear students,

your vocab-list for Top 3 is ready for download at the „Lernplattform Englisch“
Please download pdf-file, print it out, and start learning the new words and expressions.

We´re going to write a test about it in week number 11, just before Easter holidays.
You need it for homework, too.
Michael Ziegenbein