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  1. The video has just given me new information about learning vocabulary that I don’t know. For example I’ve never tried to learn by drawing a picture or with a poster but I’ve learned with sticky notes and in my opinion it’s the best way to remember vocabulary but I haven’t tried the other two options so I can’t say what kind of method is the best also not everyone learns the same way. What I also do is I take a paper and write down the words so many times till I can write it right and till I remember the meaning of it. The video is good for beginners who don’t know how to learn vocabulary and also for people who want to learn a new language also for me. I will try the method with drawing a picture maybe it helps me more that sticky notes.

  2. The video give me new informations about learing vocabulary easier and faster. For Example to draw pictures or to write sentences with the vocabulary in it. The only way i have learned the vocabulary is that i wrote the vocabulary and the matching german translation. So now I knew that i have more opportunities to learn my vocabulary. This video is helpful for people who beginning to learn english and also for other languages. I will try the method to build sentences with the vocabulary in it because I think that is the best way to learn vocabulary.

  3. In the video i became aware that just reading the vocabulary is not enough. There are many creative ways to get in knowledge of difficult vocabularys. I think the ways from the women in the video show me a lot of opportunities to keep it in mind. I will try to draw a small picture beneath every vocabulary because I learn the fastest way visually. The video is useful for people who dont know how to remember the vocabulary. An other option would be to record yourself read out the vocabulary and after it listen to them.
    Tim Schmechel

  4. In this 8 minute long Video I became the information that for all people existing many ways to learn, like the visual method to draw a picture, for a better memory effect.
    This video is perfectly for people who doesn’t know how to begin to learn for their vocabulary tests, and people who want to find their own way to learn.

  5. The video gives me some advice how I can learn vocabulary faster and how I can remember it. The first advice is, you can make a note and stick on your chair or on your table and if you see it everyday, you can learn faster and easier. If you like to draw, so you can draw the vocabulary. If you want to learn vocabulary you should write in full sentence. For example: Paper: It is something, which you can write down. The best way how you can learn vocabulary is you should learn 10 new words everyday (but you should not learn about 10 new words on a day) and you should always repeat them. So on a week you learn 70 new words. If you don’t repeat them, you forget it.

  6. I like the video from Ronny. She has showed me very exciting the kinds of typical good lerner. The most important point is to repeat, but you can make other really special stuff to lean easier for example you can draw a picture to remember or hang up sticky notes at all things, which is the same, how the vocabulary. Ronny has said you never momorise more than 10 words everday. This video is very helpful for people, which don´t know to learning effektful vocabulary.

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