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  1. The Text was an eye-opener for me because when I start to learn a foreign language or something else and I make a mistakes I don’t think that I learn from then I think that I can’t do this and then I give up but the 10 Tips and Tricks motivated me to learn another language not just English maybe Spanish or French. In my opinion the Tips and Tricks are very helpful for everyone and I think I give a second language a second chance. I use the 10 Tips and Tricks from the article and I hope it’ll work.

  2. I think in the article from Matthew Youlden we should keep in mind, that it is possible to speak so many languages. At first I also would recommend that you learn faster when you have a reason to. You have to find something that gives you the cause WHY. Secondly Matthew explained in how many different ways you can learn a language.This is important for talking in the language too and not only listen to. Because of the many ways you are able to learn more and more until you can speak it easily. In the future i will regard the tips and hope for a better speaking.
    Tim Schmechel

  3. The text is really interesting because there is some new stuff that i didn’t know. One of the most important things about learing another language is to speak to yourself or to your partner. But you only learn the vocabulary well if you have fun to learn it. Another method to learn your stuff is that you listening to the language like watching english tv or movies. Now I have more motivation to learn a language perfectly because i know some methods to learn it easier and more effective.

  4. In this Article from Youlden Matthew, I have realized that is possible for human beings ito learn so many different languages from Greek to Hebrew, but the only way to learn a language is the willpower, when humans are willingness to learn something new, they will not get it.
    There are many ways to learn a new language.

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