English test on Monday 7 January 2019

Dear sudents of the 11 WA,
as I announced, I published some material for your preparation of the next „Schulaufgabe“ on Monday, 7 Janaury 2019.
You´ll find it on Lernplattform.org < Englisch 11 < CVTA.
It contains some texts, videos and the vocab list essay writing.
I heartly recommend reading and understanding the texts, watching the videos for further information and getting acquainted with some words or expressions of the vocab list.
I believe that, in doing so, you will get a good preparation for our test.

Contact me for further questions (preferably by mail)!
Contact by skype is possible as well  (video call, you should announce your call)
skype: michael.ziegenbein@eurokolleg-fos.de

I wish all of you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Kind regards

Michael Ziegenbein