Prepare our vocab test after summer holidays

Starting in class 12 we´ll first write a comprehensive vocab test about topics 1-5 (presumably on 15 September 2107).
You´ll find the complete list at the end of course Topics 11 „Prep for class 12“ of the „Lernplattform Englisch“
The test applies as well for the student who repeat class 12.

It´s just only the revision of last year. The vocab list contains about 475 words / expressions, – exactly the words you need to remember before starting for class 12.
Those who may fail or miss the test will repeat it until they succeed and get the grade of at least 5.

Homework for 30-5-16

Your homework for 30 May 2016

1. Learn vocabulay of Topic 4
2. Prepare (read and check text understanding)
Text C p70 and Text D p72
3. Read „Skill files“: Tips and rules for discussion pp 228 – 229

on Monday 30 May we are going to write a test to check the quality of your homework.

I wish you will enjoy your holidays

See you soon,
with kind regards

Michael Ziegenbein


Förderunterricht Englisch

Plaease notice
change of timetable:

Föderunterricht English now on Mondays!
Jessika Bayer
Maximilian Flügel
Denizhan Irs
Stefanie Kästner
Bekir Nart
Ina Wiedemann
Yerheniy Yokhimovich
Emre Bayazid
Kerem Sogukkan
Kira Rob
Talia Savran

recommended for:
Julian Hafidi
Sophia Obermayer
Duong Phan

Vocab – Lernliste Top 3 is ready

Dear students,

your vocab-list for Top 3 is ready for download at the „Lernplattform Englisch“
Please download pdf-file, print it out, and start learning the new words and expressions.

We´re going to write a test about it in week number 11, just before Easter holidays.
You need it for homework, too.
Michael Ziegenbein

Learning English: how can I do best – what´s important for me

Why learn English when it is so difficult? Well, knowing English will make you bilingual and more employable in every country in the world so if you want to learn English you should set yourself a goal at first so that you know for what you are studying this language then if you don´t do that you give up as fast as you have started. Second of all Keep at it! When you make mistakes it don’t mean that you’re bad and that you can’t do it. No! It means that you learn from your mistakes then nobody is perfect and keep in mind that everyone has to start somewhere. At the beginning you should take a look at numbers and vocabulary. After that you can go ahead to Grammar. Talk with your friends in English or whatch Films in English so that you can hear how sundry words were pronounced or you go into an English-class and learn it from a teacher. As they say who will steal an egg, will steal an ox. So just do it retail and you will see that it is as simple as it looks like.