English test on Monday 7 January 2019

Dear sudents of the 11 WA,
as I announced, I published some material for your preparation of the next „Schulaufgabe“ on Monday, 7 Janaury 2019.
You´ll find it on Lernplattform.org < Englisch 11 < CVTA.
It contains some texts, videos and the vocab list essay writing.
I heartly recommend reading and understanding the texts, watching the videos for further information and getting acquainted with some words or expressions of the vocab list.
I believe that, in doing so, you will get a good preparation for our test.

Contact me for further questions (preferably by mail)!
Contact by skype is possible as well  (video call, you should announce your call)
skype: michael.ziegenbein@eurokolleg-fos.de

I wish all of you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Kind regards

Michael Ziegenbein

Zulassungsprüfungen für das Fachabitur 2019

In den 12. Klassen werden vom Montag 7.1.2019 bis Freitag 11.1.2019 nur die Zulassungsprüfungen in dem jeweiligen Fach durchgeführt.
(siehe Schulkalender)
Es findet kein regulärer Unterricht statt.
Nach Absprache mit den Lehrkräften wird an diesen Tagen zusätzlich zur Vorbereitung auf die folgenden Prüfungen individuelle Förderung angeboten

11 WA Hausaufgabe Englisch 11

Hausaufgabe zum Montag 22.10.18
Write an email:

Write an email to your Greek friend living in Athens. He had asked you by e-mail, what you did during your summer holidays. So tell him what you liked most during holidays and ask your friend how he´s doing.

send it to: michael.ziegenbeiin@eurokolleg-fos.de